But is the Bible Reliable? An Infographic

For this project, I had to find a subject to teach and present it in an informative and intentionally designed way. I chose to dive into the subject of the accuracy of the Christian Bible. This was not only a project of design, but of research. Both theological and secular resources were used and I feel it presents  compelling evidence for the accuracy of the Bible if even only as a historical document. The multiple resources I used are cited here. [click to visit the links >>] 

Map of the Dead Sea

After completing the publication "But is the Bible Reliable?", we had one project left for the semester. This was meant to be a new poster based on a new topic, but since I was so excited about the previous project, I got permission to expand on it. This poster uses all of the same design styles from the publication and pushes more into detail from the page 2 information. I found a topographical map of the dead sea and hand-illustrated it to this paper-cut design. Then I overlayed the information in a 2D graphic way.