For this project, I had to find a subject to teach and present it in an informative and designed way. I chose to dive into the subject of the accuracy of the Christian Bible. I used multiple resources and cite them below. [click to visit the links] 


Evidence that Demands a Verdict - by Josh McDowell

National Geographic:

Inside the cloak-and-dagger search for sacred texts

National Geographic: 

How Modern Technology is Bringing Ancient Writings to Life

           This is where I got the diagrams for the

           back page, no illustrations are mine. 

Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library

The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts

After completing the publication "But is the Bible Reliable?", we had one project left for the semester. This was meant to be a new poster based on a new topic, but since I was so excited about the previous project, I got permission to expand on it. This poster uses all of the same design styles from the publication and pushes more into detail from the page 2 information. I found a topographical map of the dead sea and hand-illustrated it to this paper-cut design. Then I overlayed the information in a 2D graphic way. 

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