Although this was an assigned school project, I wanted to act as if I was working with a real client and anticipate their wants and needs. Starting with the logo, I did some research about the reason for the name and for the inclusion of the moon. I actually e-mailed the owner and they explained that Quila is derived from the Andean Equatorial word "moon" spelled Kichwa and pronounced kee-ya. The moon in that culture is also heavily equated with beauty. 

With this information at my side, I knew that I had to keep the name of the company as well as the moon icon. The shape I landed with also incorporates the vague silhouette of a vintage hair dryer to pull in the company purpose as well. One last element that was clear they really liked was the color purple and a warm color palette. After the logo was complete, I began creating all of the website screens


Here is a look at the updated website. Users would be able to create an account and find salon artists that could meet and exceed their needs without so much salon shopping. 

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