Weber & Troseth revitalization

As a result of quarantine, my father and I were able to venture into projects that I would not normally have time for. His Father (my grandfather) inherited and owned a fire & safety business in Saint Paul. Unfortunately, when he passed away, the drive to upkeep and update the company faded away. We took this opportunity to ensure the future of the company!

The company in it's heyday. I want to bring this energy back to life.

Logo design ideation

This logo design was an extremely exciting ride. I am working with family that tends to "like things the old way" and I did not want to challenge that integrity. So I started with the font and color of the existing storefront signage and dove into some other existing iconography.

Final Logo design

We worked as a team to create a logo that celebrates the legacy of the company as well as taking steps forward to continue functioning as an essential service of the community. 

Website re-design

One element that I knew had to be replaced as soon as possible was the website. The platform that was hosting them was charging $500 a month for barely any services and no advertising. I created and optimized a website with WIX for them so they would have 24/7 customer service as well as an easily editable platform. 

Collateral pieces

As more products are shipped in and assembled, I will continue to expand this portion of the project.